Where to Find Free Online Adult Chat Rooms


Adult chat rooms are a great way to meet others for live chat and let off some steam. There are thousands of chat rooms out there that are adult oriented, but only a handful that are free. Here are some easy ways to find no cost chat rooms.

Adult Dating Sites

Adult dating sites are a great way to use chat rooms. If you already have a membership chances are the chat rooms are included. Some swinging sites will allow you to earn credits in swingers chat (this one is in South Africa), by performing simple tasks, such as posting or responding to blogs. These credits can be used for time in a chat room at no cost.

Swingers Forums

Many forums also offer chat room capabilities. Forums are almost always free to the users, and most of them will also allow access to their chat rooms at no cost. The catch with this is you need to sign up with a valid email address, and sometimes need to be approved by a moderator. This helps to keep people looking to advertise paid services out of the chat rooms.

What to Avoid

If you are in a chat room and you see a user come in and offer private chat right away that includes a link to an outside site, this is likely a paid service. It may not even be a real person, but a computer bot that trolls different chat rooms. Also be aware that many porn sites offer supposedly free chat rooms that will require you to verify your age with a credit card. This verification process is almost always a charge. A true free chat room won’t require a credit card for any kind of verification.