What you Need to Know About How to Talk to a Woman


Once you have gotten up the courage to approach a woman, or have successfully read her body language and know that she is ready to be approached, you need to know how to talk to a woman to make sure you don’t mess things up right from the start.

It is important to establish a connection and begin building tension and attraction right away, which requires you to know what to say to women to make this happen.

One of the first tips about how to talk to a woman that you should always keep in mind is to ask questions. Asking her questions helps you learn more about her, find out what you have in common and determine what is of value to her, while asking questions about whatever she is talking about will show her that you are interested in her and what she has to say.

In addition to asking questions to show your interest and learn more about her, you also want to make her feel comfortable with you. This will come from keeping the conversation going, staying on neutral topics at first and showing that you are a good listener. After all, honing your listening skills is just as important as knowing what to say to women.

Interesting topics make it easy to keep the conversation flowing smoothly, so it is a good idea to have some possible topics in mind as you approach her.

Here are a few ideas for conversation topics:

Favorite vacations and interesting destinations:  Ask her about the most interesting place she has ever visited, her favorite vacation or where she would really like to go one day. You can also share your answers for these; just remember not to hog the conversation with tales of your round-the-world voyages.

Relevant previous experiences:  If a song comes on the radio or her friends start talking about something that you have experienced, don’t be afraid to talk about your past experiences that are relevant and interesting.

Hobbies and cool experiences:  Ask her about her hobbies and some of the cool things she might have done in the past. You never know, you may have an adrenaline junky on your hands who loves to race cars, jump out of planes and climb mountains. If so, knowing that she loves excitement is important information to have.

Current events and news:  Show her that you stay on top of current events by talking about what is going on in the world. With this one, you will want to remember to keep the topics neutral and avoid conversations about subjects some people are passionate about, such as politics or religion.

Dreams and what ifs:  Everyone has dreams that they hope to accomplish someday, and asking her about hers will let you in on clues about her aspirations and what motivates her. What if questions are another good way to learn more about her, such as asking what she would do if she had a million dollars or where she would go if she could travel anywhere in the world.

Conversation hooks

Conversation hooks are another important part of learning how to talk to a woman. The key with conversation hooks is using them wisely to spark her interest and get her to ask you questions. When done well, this will make it look like you are not trying to get her attention and are just entertaining yourself.

You can accomplish this by knowing what to say to women and what not to say to women. For example, if you purposely leave some holes in the conversation, then she will likely ask you about the missing information. Making a statement that sparks her interest and stimulates her to ask you what you mean is a perfect way to make this happen. Then, you need to have some good answers ready for when she does ask.

Another key point in how to talk to a woman is knowing how to move between conversations. This is really not that difficult and, contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need to put effort into segueing gracefully from one topic to the next. Remember, people who are close don’t feel a need to make pretty transitions from one topic to the next; they just speak freely and naturally. This is what you want to do as well. And, in addition to creating a feeling of closeness, this also shows leadership as you take control of the conversation and introduce new topics.

Knowing what to say to women is really not that hard. Ask questions, share little tidbits about yourself and keep things neutral. Draw her into the conversation, spark her interest and make her feel comfortable in your presence. These are your tasks during that initial conversation and, with some practice, you will find that learning how to talk to a woman to accomplish these things really is not that difficult.