What Women Want in Men: Physical Looks


The strongest belief I need to firstly ruin is that women want a physically attractive man. A guy’s attractiveness towards women is far more about personality than physical looks. If you do not believe me, go out to where hot women are and you will see average and sometimes hideous looking men, having women begging for their attention. I have heard countless tales of guys aged over 40, bald, small, and even over 350 pounds, who are dating women rated 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Additionally, I have heard excellent looking guys have hopeless results in attracting women. Physical looks can get a lady’s initial interest, but it is not what builds attraction. You may be wondering why tall, excellent-looking, rich guys are associated with hot women. The fact is these guys have other characteristics that attract women. They emit confidence, are challenging, and show other alpha male qualities which you will learn more about later on.

How you communicate to a lady, the signals you emit such as confidence and assertiveness, and not your physical looks determines how attracted a lady is to you.

Of course, there are women who will only accept a man based on his looks. Do not worry about these few women. They have an extremely shallow personality made from low self-esteem and other self-related problems. You do not want to be with someone who is so superficial.

Physical looks are vital but not as vital as society norms perceive them to be. There is a level of physical attraction that can hold you back like poor hygiene, dreadful attire, and annoying habits. It is likely these will only hold you back when one of these characteristics is below the average man. As an example, repulsive breath is enough to turn off any women.

You still want to be as physically attractive as possible. Every guy should dress in a way that compliments their figure and is excellent for the situation.

Question your friends as to what they reckon you could change to improve your physical attractiveness to women. Even better, question a female friend what they reckon you could change. Most women will be more then pleased to fix you up. There is nothing like getting a women’s perspective on how you can better your physical looks. Let them know you are very open to hearing anything and welcoming of criticism so they do not hold back advice in dread of hurting you.

Mouth hygiene is an vital physical issue you need to have working for you and not against you. Brush your teeth in the morning and night. Also brush the roof of your mouth and tongue to ensure your breathe does not smell like a garbage dump. Floss at least once a week to remove food stuck in between your teeth. Furthermore, you can rinse your mouth regularly with water, gargle salt water, and use a mouth rinse. Do as much as you can to prevent the build-up of bacteria which makes smelly breathe.

Another thing you must do to work with what physical looks you have, is building your muscle definition and doing cardiovascular workouts 2-3 times a week. You do not need to look like Mr. Olympia to benefit from working out. Being more muscularly defined emits confidence, dominance, and improves your well-being and self-esteem. The cardiovascular workouts will develop your endurance throughout the day, better your happiness, improve self-perceptions, and allow you to maintain an energetic personality. Working out will give you incredible psychological benefits that go well beyond characteristics favored by women. You can overcome personal insecurities and live a more pleased life by working out regularly. Now that you know the greatest illusion of women feeling attracted is brilliant physical looks and that you have got the most vital physical attributes under control and working for you in building attraction towards women, it is time to look at more characteristics you can develop that women want.