What Makes a Man Attractive to Women on a Subliminal Level


No conversation about what girls find attractive in men is complete without discussing how you can connect with women on a subliminal level. Specifically, this is about how guys can come across as completely confident and secure.

Now, I know that I am usually the last person to promote anything less than complete authenticity and am not one to encourage anyone to fake it until they make it. This is because this can go so completely wrong. When you are trying to fake anything, there is way too high of a risk that women will sense that you are not being genuine. Naturally, this is a complete turn off.

Also, faking it requires keeping track of a lot of stuff, which makes it really hard to relax and be present in the moment. If you are mentally going over a bulleted list of all of the things you are and are not supposed to do every time you talk to a woman, you are never going to be able to get anywhere.

Fortunately, this is different. While there is a little bit of stuff remember, there are no lists of bullet points or factoids to keep track of. Really, this is more about teaching you how to connect with the physical confidence that you already have and learning how to show it to others. Since, as we’ve already discussed, confidence is a huge part of what makes a man attractive.

Body language importance

This is about how you position your body in a manner that gives off the impression of being a completely at-ease kind of guy. This is a different way of leading the woman and establishing an atmosphere that will make her feel comfortable enough to relax. So, this isn’t really faking it; it’s just making the necessary effort to help her subconscious perceive you as a competent, calm, laidback guy. This is how you can get that positive gut reaction from her, which makes this an important part of learning what girls find attractive.

The way that you sit, stand and move your body all have an impact on how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. This means that if you stand like you are in control, it follows that you will begin to feel like you are in control. This also means that others will begin to perceive you as being in control. When you are feeling confident and in control, and your posture shows that you are confident and in control, this is completely congruent. See? We aren’t faking anything.

Looking comfortable and at-ease will help the girl feel the same. The same thing goes if you look uncomfortable. This goes along with the simple fact that most women will follow your lead without even realizing it. So, if you are feeling anxious or uncomfortable, she will pick up on that and start feeling it to. You and I both know this will drive her away and is definitely not part of what makes a man attractive.

Guys who are not completely comfortable often find it difficult to do something as simple as just stand straight on their own feet. These are the guys who cross their ankles, lean on the bar, lean on a stool, lean against the wall, have one foot heeled over on the side or are literally rocking all over while they try to find a position. This exudes uneasiness and discomfort, which lets everyone know that you are not comfortable and does nothing to help you start feeling comfortable. And, if you aren’t comfortable with yourself, how can you be comfortable with her? And, if you aren’t comfortable with her, how can she get comfortable with you? See where I’m going with this?

Quality guys generally know that they are quality guys, and they show it in how they hold themselves. Their posture tends to be powerful, calm and requiring of little to no wasted movement. Alternatively, a lot of guys get all squirmy, because they can’t quite get themselves into a position that feels like it comes across as natural. But, you might be surprised at just how natural some postures look, even though they feel weird at first.

You might try out some postures in the mirror to get a better idea of some options that look natural and relaxed. Then, once you have them down, you can put them to use in public as one of the many things you will do that fall under what girls find attractive.

Here are some quick tips

  1. Your shoulders should be down and relaxed.
  2. Your midsection should be tight and sucked back towards your backbone.
  3. Your feet should remain apart a good distance.
  4. Your hands should be relaxed at your sides.

Now, you might be wondering how much this all really matters. When it comes to what makes a man attractive, does how far apart his feet are really make a difference?

Keep in mind that it is not each, individual part of your posture that truly matters; it is the subliminal message that your posture sends, which is what makes a man attractive and causes that gut-level attraction in a woman.

This is the hallmark of quality, confident men. And, as we all know, these are the guys who have the greatest success with quality women.

Just like the little details that a guy’s subconscious pays attention to in women, posture is one of the details that a woman’s subconscious pays attention to. You know how there are little things that cause some women to exude femininity? Well, the right posture is what helps guys exude masculinity. Therefore, this is a big part of what girls find attractive in guys.

These little details are far more important than many people think, which is one of the reasons that so many guys are out there failing with women right now.

Your body and your body language say a lot about you, which is picked up on before you ever even open your mouth to talk to someone. Even when you aren’t aware of it, you are telling people something about you just by the look on your face and the arrangement of your body.

Masculinity and confidence are two important things among what girls find attractive. While something like your posture is just one part of this; it is an important part. And, it is central to you reinventing yourself as a top-quality guy worthy of women’s attention.

So, while this may seem small, it is a big deal when it comes to what makes a man attractive, which means it is well worth the time and effort to make sure your posture is giving off the right message.