Tips On Attracting Women


So let’s get this straight. You’re a decent good guy. In fact, if we really get realistic, you’re a better guy than most dumbasses who get women with ease… So what’s the deal yo! How come total doofuses are getting women, but you aren’t attracting them?

Well, luckily for you, I’m here to share some of best tips on attracting women.

You need to feel comfortable in your own skin (confidence)

Yes, I know you’ve heard this a bunch of things. You might even find it boring, annoying, vague or just plain stupid. But that’s people have just said it, without giving you practical means of making this happen. You want to know how to become more confident around women? Here’s some of my best tricks to increase confidence…

  • Get a life. By this I simply mean get this really cool, really exciting life that you love. Fill your life full of fun, interesting, unique and varied activities. Join every group you can. Take every class that interests you and just find ways to do more things in life.
  • Really get good at something. Confidence doesn’t just come from having a fun, cool unique life. It also comes from being really good at any one thing or skill. It can be for example you being the best karaoke singer in your group, possessing wild dance moves, or just being good at foreign languages. Everyone one of us is born with certain talents. Find out what yours are and develop them. Nothing attract women more than talent.

You need to be a woman’s man

One thing that all the casanovas in the world have in common… is that they act and behave at ease around women. This is kind of connected to confidence, but not the same thing. You see, a woman can tell when you’re used to communicating with and being surrounded by women. You just have a different sense of confidence, class and poise around women. A surprisingly huge number of the world’s best «playas» have actually grown up in enviroments where they were one of only a few guys… Or they grew up with a bunch of sisters. The point is, yes, those guys who «have it», got this skill by accident, but you can get it on purpose! Here’s how:

  • Make a bunch of female friends. A really ironic thing a lot of guys don’t realize is that befriending hot girls is easy! In fact, befriending any one hot girl is at least 10 times easier than getting a date with her or picking her up. Hot women crave for genuine, honest, sincere male friends who are nothing but friends. I know your instinct makes you want to jump on her from day one… But try to suppress that instinct and look at her more long-term. See her as an investment. Every hot girl that you befriend, you get easy access to at least 10 other hot girls. When you are walking around with a hot woman, all of a sudden all the other hot women in that club think they want you. Yeah I know, female psychology is weird, but that’s how it works!
  • Even when meeting new girls, befriend them first. After what I said, you might think I’m suggesting you just befriend two-three girls. And then this gives you permission to just run around and hit on every hot woman in sight, huh? It doesn’t work that way. Even if you do have these hot women, the act of hitting on women will still be somewhat creepy to random women. What you want to do is let them do most of the work. Basically, you walk into some social place (with your hot friends), and you go and you talk to other hot women. You don’t hit on them, you don’t try to pick them up. Just be social. The very fact you’re a woman’s man, comfortable around women, and surrounded by hot women… Will make you hot. If a woman has any interest in you whatsoever, she’ll make the first move. Only after they’ve made the first move, can you escalate. Until let them do the work and «just be social». Nothing is more attractive to women than a relaxed, cool, calm guy that’s not hitting on them, yet, she has much competition over his attention (he shines of this ladies’ man vibe).