The Top 12 Things Guys Tend to Overlook when Choosing the Right Woman. Part 3


#9 Cleanliness and Neatness

Again, I’m not harkening back to the Dark Ages with this one either. I am not saying that a woman should be solely responsible for picking up after you, cleaning the house, cooking every meal and making sure you have clean clothes to wear to work.

But you also probably don’t want it to be the other way around either; unless, you are a complete neat freak and want to be in charge of all of that stuff so that you can be sure it is done perfectly. Of course, if that’s the case, then that brings up other issues. For example, if you are a neat freak and she is a total slob, that is going to cause both of you quite a bit of misery. The same holds true if it’s the other way around and you are a slob, and she is the neat freak.

In a perfect world, both of you will be fairly neat and clean without falling to far towards either extreme.

#10 The Little Things

The woman you are with might be gorgeous, smart and good to you, but if she has one or more annoying bad habits that drive you crazy, this could be a problem.

Most of us will overlook odd little quirks or annoying habits in the beginning of the relationship because the woman is hot or because we think we are being shallow or too picky if can’t get past it. We are even more likely to overlook these little things if we think that she meets all of our major needs. But that is not necessarily a good thing, since those little things can really wear on you – and the relationship – over time.

This is one that you will have to determine on a case-by-case basis. You will have to determine whether or not she can easily change those habits if you say something to her, or if it is just part of who she is. And, if it is part of who she is, you are going to have to decide whether or not you can live with it long term.

#11 Consistent Behavior and Reliability

This one is pretty simple and a bit complicated at the same time. First off, the simple part is just about things like showing up on time and being someone reliable whom you can count on.

The more complicated part is about observing her behavior and how she interacts with people to see just how consistent she is. For example, can you always be sure that you are going to see the same woman every time you go out, or does she seem to have some kind of Sybil thing going on? If you never know which version of your girl is going to show up on your date, that just might be a deal breaker right there.

Another important thing to note is any differences between how she treats you and how she treats everyone else. This is how you are going to figure out just how much of what you think is her personality is actually an act that is meant to draw you in.

Check out how she treats bartenders, restaurant servers, colleagues and children. If she has kids, make sure you really pay attention to her interactions with them. Does she interact with other people in a way that is respectful and appropriate? Or does she boss around or walk all over anyone she perceives as beneath her?

This is going to tell you how she is going to act towards you once the newness wears off and she is no longer trying to impress you.

#12 Health and Wellness

Mental and physical health is important. They just are. But this actually goes beyond the surface of someone having relatively good physical health and not being sick or tired constantly.

Obviously mental health is a big one. It is a huge one, really. There are some guys out there who really enjoy a girl who has a little crazy about her, but if you are looking for a long-term mate, someone who is rational, reasonable and levelheaded is going to be a far better bet.

Additionally, you might want to at least give a moment’s thought to how her health and wellness could affect yours. For example, if you are used to being really active, and she prefers to stay indoors and watch movies all day, your physical fitness is likely going to suffer at least somewhat. Or if she has the metabolism of a hummingbird and can eat anything she wants without gaining an ounce, and you don’t enjoy that same attribute, you could be looking at some weight gain once you are living under the same roof and sharing nearly every meal.

I know it can be hard to look past the hotness and really make a good assessment of whether or not the girl you are just starting to date is the right one for you. But you have to believe me when I tell you that it’s worth it. Weeding out those who are not high quality women and potential mates will save you time and get you that much closer to finding the partner you want and deserve. Read this list as many times as you need to in order to commit it to memory. While some of these things might not be among your top priorities when searching for a potential partner, you are going to thank me for pointing them out later on down the line when you realize just how important some of the less obvious things can be.