The Top 12 Things Guys Tend to Overlook when Choosing the Right Woman. Part 2


#5 Lifestyle Cohesion

While you will never hear me say that you need to start dressing in matching outfits and should have the exact same interests, there is something to be said for having cohesive lifestyles. Things like constant schedule conflicts, vastly different religious beliefs and hugely different lifestyles can be tough to overcome when establishing or maintaining a relationship.

When one partner works nights and the other works days, resulting in barely seeing each other, this can have a detrimental effect on the relationship, particularly over time. It can also be devastating to your relationship if you are a devout Mormon and she pays her rent by hitting the stage at the local gentleman’s club. While you both might think you can work through something like that, lifestyles that are that different can cause problems faster than you might think – no matter how devoted you are to ignoring your differences and making it work.

I have been witness to relationships where guys have tried way too hard to make it work with a hot girl who simply wasn’t a good match for them.

It just isn’t going to work. The things you love and value need to be complemented by the things she loves and values. It’s as simple as that. And if your lifestyles are vastly different, it is going to be hard to get – and keep – things going.

Avid travelers don’t do well with partners who won’t set foot on a plane or boat; fourth-generation farmers don’t do well with partners who refuse to get dirty; and teetotalers usually don’t mesh well with hardcore partiers.

Some differences are great for growth and keeping things interesting, but if your lifestyles are truly night and day, some serious consideration is in order.

#6 Common Sense and Judgment

We all went through that phase in high school (or college) when we were crushing hard on air-headed cheerleader types who were just too cute with how gullible they were, as well as their constant confusion and lack of common sense. They were usually pretty hot and always pretty fun, but most of us grew out of that phase about the time we realized that sometimes having an actual, intelligent conversation with a woman is a plus.

While it might have been cute the first three or four times one of those girls did something less than brilliant, it eventually starts getting old, and no guy wants to spend his life constantly making sure his partner isn’t blow drying her hair in the bathtub or washing her red sweaters with his white undershirts.

Common sense is required to get through each day making good judgment calls and handling all of the little situations that come up in normal life; however, that doesn’t mean that everyone has it.

Pay attention to whether or not she seems to be able to make good decisions and handle life’s little issues. If she can’t, it might seem cute in the beginning, but it will end up driving you crazy down the line.

#7 Social Skills

Humans are social animals as a whole. This means that we enjoy being around other people, which is also how we continue to learn and grow throughout our lives. The problem is that you will start to notice your social circle getting smaller and smaller the longer you are in a relationship with a woman.

Even if you fight it, it always seems to end up that you will end up drifting away from your friends who are single. This always happens once you are part of a couple, and it creates the situation where you and your partner now need to work on establishing friendships with other couples.

It’s one thing to partake in some male bonding and find some attached guys interested in making friends with other couples, but if the female partners don’t get along, that couple friendship you were hoping for is not going to happen. In fact, if your girl isn’t that great at making friends, you are going to have a really difficult time finding couples who want to hang out with you.

Conversely, if your girl is a bit of a social butterfly, you can be sure that you will establish lasting friendships with other couples that will end up being really great.

Women simply are the better brokers when it comes to establishing friendships with other couples. So you might as well accept that and look for a woman who is good at making friends.

#8 Knowing Her Way Around a Kitchen

No, I’m not still stuck in the 1950s. First of all, I wasn’t even alive in the 50s. Secondly, I recommend that you set aside your notions of political correctness and just give this a listen.

Having a woman who can cook shouldn’t be your number one goal when finding the right girl for you, but it’s certainly a trait that helps in the long run. This is particularly true if you are not much of a cook and might not know that there really is something called a Dutch oven that has nothing to do with grossing out your partner in bed.

If you’ve been hitting up fast food joints every night on your way home from work for as long as you can remember, you are really going to love being with a woman who knows how to cook – even more so if she actually likes doing it.

If she’s the type who also likes hosting dinner parties for all of those couples she has acquired as your new friends, you might just start thinking that life can’t get any better.