Love Horoscope – Sagittarius


You’re not one to give up on anything without a fight. This year, you need to prove to yourself that you absolutely can do anything your heart desires. You have a friendly nature, and feel very comfortable enjoying the group dynamics of different social scenes. Having high personal values, and being very idealistic, are just some of the reasons why you attract so many gifts and blessing from others — not to mention having a natural talent for attracting money easily all year round. You will feel deep transformation in your attitudes about money and your personal values, and are seriously thinking about what is important in your life.

You may find you may are not placing as much importance on having physical things. Security may present itself through family and friendships instead of through objects and possessions. You desire a deeper connection and emotional bonding with your family, exploring the ideas you have learned from your parents. You will appreciate some of the perennial wisdom that has been passed down to you from your ancestors. By the summer, you feel a new closeness in your relationships and will juggle love and work in order to maintain balance. Personal transformation is far more appealing than outer changes, this year.

You strive for perfection, using your warm nature as a guide. Having an intimate relationship will be very important, as you seek a partner to match your high energy levels. You enjoy having a partner that will respond to the charm that you radiate. Communication of your own ideals will be easy as you discuss shared visions with your partner. You may become dreamier this year, allowing spiritual ideas of connecting with another to become a driving force in your life. People will be very attracted to your warm and generous nature and your happy-go-lucky attitude. Your identity is based on and maintaining harmony and balance in your relationship, and this is one of the most important aspects of who you are. In the spring, you will enjoy snuggling up to the love of your life.

With all the changes you’ve been feeling in your home life, it will be nice to have someone that’s comforting and nurturing to help make your home more comfortable. If you don’t have a love relationship, or if you are already in one, by the summer, you will be falling in love all over again. The needs and wants of others are just as important as your own. You learn to balance your relationship this year, and communication becomes easier and more important to you as you learn to accept both your differences and similarities. You are feeling totally connected and passionate in this intimate relationship. Your are on fire, and may just get more deeply enthralled with the idea of having love as the focus of your time.

With an ambitious fire and sense of perfectionism, you remain a hard worker who enjoys responsibility. You thrive on achievement, success and recognition, and you have a never ending well of energy to accomplish your goals. Your persistence will help you to achieve beyond your wildest imagination, this year. You will give work your all and reap the rewards of a job well done. You make a good teacher and a wonderful role model through your work. You could do well at working with handicapped people, helping them in their desires and succeed in making their dreams a reality. You’re a good team player and think of others in addition to yourself.

As much as you like being surrounded by beautiful things, you are very practical in the way you spend money and don’t like wasting it on frivolities. You are very clear minded in the way you want your achievements in your career path to look and are good at setting timelines to achieve the results you feel important. You possess great managerial abilities and organizational skills, and have a strong ability to make sound business decisions. Even though you are very efficient in the way you manage time, you might tend to get yourself overscheduled and not allow yourself enough time to relax. In the summer, you will get a big boost in your career and will achieve the recognition you deserve. By autumn, you feel much more organized and energized. Perhaps it would be an ideal time for a little escape? Consider a late vacation, this year!