Long Distance Relationship Guide


If I could show you a method to manage your Long Distance Relationship in fun and exciting way and it does not cost any additional expenses, what would it be worth to you? Many people thinks that a Long Distance Relationship is one of the hardest relationship to maintain due to all the problems that are associated to the distance but….. let me assure you that…  
Although you may have been bombarded by lots of negative comment related to Long Distance Relationship, you must however realize that the physical distance is not or should not be the reason for failure in your long distance relationship. As much as we want to believe that physical distance is the culprit, we just cannot put the blame on it. In fact we must realized that WE are the actual contributor to the failure or lost of a Long Distance Relationship.  

Therefore, before you could even get started, you must steer your mind clear from all the MYTHS that you have heard about LDR. With proven scientific data and confession made by our research subject, this book will get to the bottom of all the myths that are related to a Long Distance Relationship. It will show you why all the believes are baseless and obsolete.   In the course of Long Distance Relationship, you must also realize that… One of the most comfortable things you should know about LDR is that you are not alone in facing it. In today’s fast shrinking world, couples in relationship often find themselves having to handle the “devil distance” at one point of their relationship due to work commitment, military deployment or studies. Hence you must not isolate yourself when you find yourself needing to go through a long distance relationship with your partner.   Consider the below point carefully and you will discover more about the essential elements in managing a Long Distance Relationship. Our main objective here is to help you to gain better understanding about Long Distance Relationships.   

Below are some of the topics that can assist you in managing your Long Distance Relationships.

Handling and Managing Emotions

Going through a Long Distance Relationship can be very stressful to your mental health. No matter how much you have anticipated, you cannot avoid running away from the emotional torture throughout the period of your long distance relationships. Discovering the fact is just part of the game but the real test is when you face the distance relationship itself.  

Below are some of the emotional stress that you will experience in LDR…
Do the above stress sounds  familiar to you? I do not blame you for having such stress now because I went through all the stress myself. However, it is not too late because you still can overcome the stress easily.  

Having said that, can you solve all the stress without seeking help? What if I tell you that you can manage all the feeling with few simple steps?  
Well you can find a lot of books that talks about emotional stress but none of them are specifically design for Long Distance Relationship. Professional Counselor is another option but it will be very complicated, costly and perhaps time consuming. Moreover you may need to reveal your private life to someone that you do not know.   

We are very particular on a simple workable solutions and therefore, we have designed all the solutions base on simple life experiences on long distance relationship which other book fail to explore! In fact you can learn all the steps to eliminate your emotional stress at the comfort of your home and more importantly you can keep all the sensitive issues private.  

7 Essential Elements in Long Distance Relationship

Further to the ability of handling your emotional stress, you need to be able to plant the seeds of success into your long distance relationship. Base on our research and experience, we have identified 7 elements that are essential to ensure the success of your Long Distance Relationship. Without all the 7 elements, your long distance relationship will be over as soon as it started.  

As usual, you may have read about the importance of these elements but none can come close to explaining them in relation to LDR. Apart from the explanation, we also provide the practical steps to how you can execute and manage the elements effectively in your long distance relationship.

Methods of Communications & Art of Communications in LDR.       

Do you find yourself having to pay tons of money on telephone cost and would you be excited if I tell you that you can call your Long Distance Partner free of charge? Find out more below.

Having to call your long distance lover on the phone will kill you financially if you do not know how to manage your communication cost. I have personally gone through this stage and I know how hard to maintain the balance between your money and the desire to hang on the phone with your long distance partner. I was so fortunate to discover some secrets that was able to save me USD 300. 00 a month calling my Long Distance Lover and that is USD 3, 600. 00 saving a year. Imagine what you can do with the money! As for me, I used the extra money to visit my long distance partner.
Apart from the secrets, I also utilize some of the telecommunication methods to maximize my LDR experiences. With the proven workable techniques, you are able to save more than 90% of the actual telecommunication cost not mentioning the additional fun and excitement by experimenting on some of the communication methods.  

In fact you can actually talk to your partner without paying a single cent and you can learn all the secret in 10 minutes if you have the necessary equipment. It is the intention of this book to ASSIST you to select the best methods that suites your needs by listing all the disadvantages and disadvantages of each available methods.  

Apart from the telephone cost, have you ever find yourself having problem communicating with your distance partner especially when both of you are in different time zones?  

Learning to communicate effectively with your partner is also very important in each and every Long Distance Relationships. Since both of you are unable to see face to face, communication has become the important vehicle for both of you to nurture the long distance relationship. Hence this book has dedicated to teach you all about the arts of communication in LDR. If you ever happen to dread yourself having to wake up in the middle of the night to speak to your lover, dread no more! This guide will teach you exactly how you can manage your relationship over the distance and across different time zones.  

Now after seeing the testimonial, I want to challenge you to another question about Long Distance Relationship.   

Is it possible to be able to grow together emotionally in LDR?  

The answer is a firm YES, you can do it with determination and know how. Since you can endure reading until this stage, I know that you definitely got the necessary determination. It is the knowledge that matters in deciding whether you can continue to nurture your Long Distance Relationship while living apart.  

Unfortunately it is sad to say that you cannot obtain the knowledge overnight unless you are mentored by someone who had gone through the stages. Understanding the fact, we had pieced together all the knowledge gained while working with couples who had successfully conquered their LDR. You had the opportunity to gain the valuables knowledge in this guide.

It is not always easy for you to tell your partner how much you love him or her especially when they a so far away and therefore, we made it easier for you by giving you all the necessary tips and tricks to keep your long distance relationship interesting.