How to Keep a Woman Interested and Coming Back for More


So, you have managed a date or two with a woman you like and are now wondering how to keep a woman interested. Or, perhaps you have gotten to know a woman a little and are now wondering how to impress a woman and take it to the next level.

Let’s start with a few things that I believe to be true:

  1. Many guys in a long-term relationship are settling. This might be because they have not had success with keeping higher quality women around or they simply do not know how to keep a woman.
  2. When men gain a better understanding of women, they usually realize that most of the women out there are not women with whom they actually would want to be in a long-term relationship.
  3. When you do meet a quality woman you like, you absolutely must know how to impress a woman and handle things correctly if you want to keep her.

If you are worrying about things like how long to wait before you call her back, you are probably really interested in the woman you have in mind and are likely wanting to see what could come of this.

If this is the case, then you will first need to know what a woman expects from you. Assuming she is attractive and likely has had plenty of male attention, you can expect that:

  • She’s approached by men regularly
  • Most guys end up acting like her puppy while dating her
  • She views guys who are overly nice as being needy, which is a turn off

Whether you believe it or you don’t, most attractive women prefer guys who softly push them away a bit after pulling them in over guys who just focus on pulling them in. It is the basic premise of wanting what you think you might be able to have. Most of us want things for illogical reasons, and you know as well as I do that everyone seems to want whatever they do not have. Additionally, we all tend to get bored quickly after we have what we wanted, and we tend to lose interest when something seems to easily available.

It takes more than knowing the right words and tone when it comes to how to impress a woman. You also need to know what attracts women to men.

Here are four important points to remember about how to keep a woman:

  1. You must be a challenge.
  2. You need to give her a little, and then take a step back.
  3. You have to give her the opportunity to miss you.
  4. You need to be at least a bit unpredictable.

When you are a challenge, you are sure to get her thinking about you. Pushovers are not attractive to women; they like a challenge. In order to make sure you leave her wanting more, you need to master the art of giving a little, and then leaning back. Showering her with tons and tons of attention and always giving her every little thing she wants is the absolute quickest way to become completing boring and uninteresting to her. And remember: Allowing a woman to miss you has a powerful effect.

One of the worst mistakes men make is feeling insecure and thinking they need to call the girl and keep in touch with her constantly. This is way too common, and you can probably think of times this has happened if you think back on some of the failed relationships you and your buddies have had. Men who understand what makes women feel attraction and manage to be unpredictable will have the woman they are interested in thinking about them constantly.

When someone is predictable, they are boring and uninteresting. Also, they do not require much thought. This means that women are not going to think about you as much if you allow yourself to be predictable. But, if you make sure you are unpredictable, the opposite will happen: she will be intrigued and fascinated by you. This is a pretty basic idea – just think about what makes a movie bad or good. Predictable movies are boring and bad; well-written, unpredictable plots make great movies. Being predictable and boring is a huge turn off that you need to avoid when you are figuring out how to impress a woman.

When you do decide to call her back, remember to play it cool without coming across as too slick. You do not want to immediately try to set up the next date, and keep it short and sweet. Check in, see how she is doing, and then get off the phone. Now, just sit back and relax while she thinks about you over the next couple of days.

Here are four essential tips for how to keep a woman:

  1. If you email instead of calling, keep the email short and positive.
  2. Don’t complain, act needy or let her know if you are in a bad mood. Stay calm, cool and positive.
  3. Allow her to miss you. This is critical. This will make things more exciting for her, which is what she is looking for.
  4. Don’t see her more than two times per week during the first month.

Additionally, do not put too much time, energy or effort into this relationship until you really are sure that you want this to turn into a long-term thing. Keep dating other girls until the two of you are officially a couple. This is not just for your sake: When you jump right into things and spend too much energy and time on her right after you have just met her, it will probably creep her out and make her run far, far away from you. This is true even when you might think that the two of you really hit it off well right from the start. Knowing how to impress a woman, and then how to keep a woman are the two key components to turning a single meeting into an eventual long-term relationship. So, if that is what you want, you need to follow these tips and stay on your game.