How to Get Her to Say Yes!


Once you have succeeded in putting her in a relaxed and”open-to-buy”mood, 50% of the wooing job is completed. But, you still need to get her to say yes; and that’s the tricky part.

lf you cannot get yourself to finish the job by getting her to say yes, then you would have failed miserably. And that is comparable to spending good money to buy an attractive book with a compelling subject – only to find out after reading the first two chapters that it is nothing but a huge scam. How disappointing that would be indeed!

So, do not be like that attractive book on the sales shelve; but with nothing of value to offer. Therefore, endeavour to hold your girl’s interest and take charge of wooing her.

So, where do you begin from? Well, it is generally a good idea to begin by introducing yourself. You could say: “Hello. l am Michael Isitere. But, all my friends call me Mike. May l know yours?”

Looking at you with the broad friendly smile on your face, she will probably tell you her name. So, if she does, make a comment about the name. You can say something like this: “Susan? Susan. Oh, that’s a lovely name, for a pretty lady. l must confess, your name suits you; like every other thing on you right now.”

That should get her to smile a little or even chuckle. But, do not overdo it by referring to how beautiful she is with every comment that you make. That would be counter-productive indeed. You need to remember that you remain a total stranger to her.

But, what if she simply would not tell you her name? Well, she may very well be prolonging the hard-to-get perception that she want you to have of her by making the wooing process a little bit more difficult for you. She may equally be testing you to see how you would react and whether you will show any sign of irritability or even annoyance.

So, be persistent and reason with her that since you have already told her your own name, it simply is not fair for her not to reciprocate your gesture. But, continue to smile and look at her straight in the face as you say this. If she is still not forthcoming with her name, simply go ahead and give her a name yourself.

You can call her”Princess”or”Rose”or some other name that is descriptive of your perception of how beautiful she is. Chances are that if she does not like the name that you give her, she will tell you her real name. However, do not keep hammering on how pretty she is and how you would really love her to be your girlfriend.

Instead, offer her a litte information about yourself in order for you to graduate from being the total”stranger”to a newly-found”friend”. You need to realise that the more a girl know about you, the more readily open she will be to you.

You could say something like this: “l operate my own private business.”; then pause a little for her to enquire about your line of business. If she does not ask, simply continue with your introduction by saying something like: “Well, my private business handle computer networking and general computer maintenance for corporate bodies and individuals alike.”So, what next?

That should get her to ask you about how the business is like. Do you love your business? Is the business profittable? But, if she does not ask you anything about your line of business, there is no need for you to continue with how much you love computers and their operations. She may find the monologue very boring.

Additionally, if the place where you met her is not conducive for a chat of about 10 to 15 minutes, do not keep her on her feet for too long. You could offer to take her somewhere private so as to chat a little longer and get to know each other better.

If she raises an objection about going anywhere with you, simply go straight to the point. Do not waste her time and yours by beating about the bush. You can say: “l’m attracted to you, Susan (with a little pause after uttering her name).”Remember that girls are often sentimental about guys calling their names and this should make her warm up to you.
Then continue: “And l would like to get to know you better and possibly be your friend. l would really like that right now – more than anything in the world.”

That is the crucial moment when you will know if the good foundation you have laid right from the moment you walked up to her and said”Hello.”truly achieved what it was intended to achieve.

However, if she says, “Well, l’m kind of in a hurry right now. Can we do this some other time?”, do not insist. Just say, “Alright. How do l see you again? Can l have your number?”lf she exchanges contact numbers with you, then you have won a small victory. It is small because though she has accepted you as a friend that she wish to see again, she has not said anything about being free to have a relationship with you.

On the other hand, if she decide to go along with you to a place where you can have a”chat”together, you can be certain that she is curious to know more about you and may equally be interested in having a relationship with you.

Wooing a Girl – How to Conduct Proper Dating

Going along with you to a secluded place to talk should be your signal that she is gradually becoming wooed. Additionally, take note too that that”little chat”you will have with her is your first date with her. Consequently, you need to conduct a proper dating, otherwise you just might end up ruining your chances of taking the relationship to the next level.

Once there, get her to a secluded spot where you can really talk in private without people listening in. Ask her what to offer her and bring it to her. Also make sure that she is completely comfortable. Thereafter, look for a common ground to get her to loosen up and warm up to you.

Remember that girls and women in general love talking a lot, especially with someone that they have taken into confidence. That is precisely the reason why girls are garrulous and seem unable to stop talking while in the company of their fellow girls. So, be that”fellow girl”to her by encouraging her to talk. Show her that you are a good listener in much the same way that you are an intelligent talker.

So, how do you encourage her to talk?

lf you met her at a party or any other recreational centre, ask her about her impression of the party (if it’s at a party), the game (if it’s at an organised competition), the food (if it’s at a eatery or restaurant) or the place where you met her in general.

The objective or idea is to get her to confide in you her personal opinions and preferences in much the same way that she would confide in a close friend. Is that so difficult to accomplish? Sincerely speaking, l do not think so at all!

What next? Well it is only reasonable that after telling her about yourself for you to want to know about her too. Go ahead and ask her: “So, where are you from?”

But, be careful about asking too many questions as if you are a news reporter looking for some news to report.

Ensure too that you do not prolong the meeting for more than 15 minutes. Let her know that you take your business or job seriously and perhaps the time you met her is business hours.

When you are ready to leave her, you would have given her more than enough value for her time. By so doing, you can be sure that you have become that new-found guy that she would gossip excitedly about when with her cycle of female friends.

Yes, indeed, within a very short time, acting like the true gentleman that you are and following all the rules in the book, you would have succeeded in wooing her completely.

Accept my heartfelt congratulations – because you now have all the information you need to woo a girl and get her to say yes!