How To Attract Guys


Do you want to make guys attracted to you and have them chase you around? Do you want to become a guy magnet that all men are crazy about? Well, the ability to attract guys and have them chase you around is something you can acquire.

It’s just a skill like learning to play a musical instrument. Unfortunately, most women aren’t good at attracting guys because they don’t understand what makes guys tick. Those who understand it tend to have solid relationships with the guys they want.

If you have any trouble in attracting guys, let me tell you that you are not alone. I’ve been there and gone through it. I know the way you feel. Sometimes, I would attract the wrong guy and would go through a nasty break up. And sometimes, I’d end up having no dates at all. The times of loneliness used to frustrate me. I used to feel that I will have to be lonely forever.

But now I have a totally amazing boyfriend with whom I can really feel a connection. He’s into me and I’m into him. Such a relationship started for me because I understood the things that make guys tick.

If you want to know how to attract guys, I strongly urge you to pay close attention here. I’m about to reveal the exact things that makes a guy tick and the things you need to do to have him chase you around…

Stop being desperate

Being desperate around a guy or group of guys is one of the worst things you can do. Men don’t like desperate women. Would you like to accept a request from a desperate stalker who keeps coming after you? No right. That’s how the guys will feel if you act desperate around them. It is essential that you get guys to chase you around instead of chasing them by yourself.

Believe in yourself

The women who attract guys and have amazing relationships have an attitude and a belief system that resonates that they are the best woman on the planet. You’ve got to believe that you are the most amazing woman on the planet. You’ve got to accept the fact that being with you is the best possible choice any guy can make. Having this belief will probably make all the difference in the world between attracting a decent guy or a jerk.

Never have sex too soon

This is extremely important. If you have sex with a guy too soon in a relationship, he will lose his attraction and interest for you. You’ve got to play hard to get and keep sex away from your relationship as long as you can. If you have sex too soon, he controls the relationship. If you stay away from having sex for at least three months, you control the relationship.

Be Hard to Get

A hard to get women is something that all men are attracted to. Men have a tendency to pursue that which is unattainable. If you are a challenge and play hard to get with men, they will pursue you. Don’t always answer your phone. Ignore the guy a little. Give him mixed signals. Do all that you can do to show that you are a challenging woman.

Now that you know how to attract guys, there is another extremely important concept you must get before attracting guys. It’s called irresistibility. Being attractive to guys and attracting them isn’t enough. If you want to have solid and amazing relationships with guys, you must be an irresistible woman.