How To Attract Asian Women


Asian women do seem to be the latest trend for Caucasian Males. In fact, it almost seems like there’s some mass-hypnosis going on out there. For some reason, the qualities that asian women have, cause men from all over the world to fantasize about them, and desire them. The best thing about them is that (I’ve so been told), they manage to balance success with femininity. They can be feminine, kind and good-hearted around guys in their private lives, and then go kick ass in their career. Let’s not even mention that for some odd reason they all seem to be slim, have good skin and great smiles.

I think one thing that really makes them especially attractive is their soft nature. They speak softly, gesture softly and walk softly. They literally (due to their constitution) don’t seem to ever age. They just look young and petite always.

What some guys like about asian girls as well, is how dedicate they are to the one-man theory. Me personally, I don’t care about that. I’m not all that into the monogamy thing. But if you personally are, these women are for you. They believe monogamy and family comes first. They tend to believe the strength of the family comes from being dedicated to their man, and their family. So no matter how successful and ambitious they get, family always comes first.

Ever noticed how they always seem to have a smile on their face? That’s part of their culture. Being fun loving and looking to life a fun, fulfilling, positive life is part of their credo.

Now, how to attract asian women?

Well, there’s a ton of stuff online, heck, you can even find 500 page books on the subject. But I’m here to stop you from making your life unnecessarily complex. There’s only a few things you need to know. I mean, if you’ve read my work, you know I love the 90-10 rule. It simply states that 10% of the factors bring 90% of the results. Its the same case with attracting asian women!!

You see, most of the things that it takes to attract asian women, are universal to attracting women in general:

  1. Build an exciting, fun life filled with a bunch of cool, social activities that you love
  2. Get good at 1 or 2 things. I mean literally become an expert at them, so you’re known as having high status in these areas. Could be anything, like the best salsa dancer in town, or an amazing photographer. Anything.
  3. Make lots of female friends first, and let hanging out with them, make you more attractive to other girls. In this case, you might want to make both a lot of asian female friends, as well as female friends in general. What will happen is a sense of competition will be borne amongst the women, who will then try to hunt you down, or at least set you up with all of their hot friends.

Specific To Asians

You want to try out a lot of activities, hobbies and organizations. I mean, you’re going to be doing this anyway before you settle on a couple of things you do to enrich your life, but… If you’re shooting for asians, there’s one additional factor. You will notice how many of these activites have cute asians in them. In essence if you’re deciding between art class that’s bit nearer to home, and art close a bit further, but with asians, you go ther (duh!).