3 Reasons You are Stuck on not Attracting Women


You know, if you’re not attracting enough women, or not the right kind of women, there’s only a few possibilities. I’m here to share with you the main reasons that men tend to have problems in attracting women. You could have bits and pieces from all of these, or maybe just one or two, but in a strong way.

Neediness and low-self-esteem

I know this sounds like psychological mumbo-jumbo, but its actually a set of very concrete, objective ways of acting and behaving around women. You see, all men who suck with, or repel women have this trait in common. They tend to be really needy and pushy around women. If you are this kind of a guy, it might be hard for you to admit it, so just think of other guys who suck with women. Ever seen a guy who literally chased a woman so much, that she had to beg him to leave her alone?

If you act like every cute girl you meet is the last cute girl you’ll ever meet, than you have this issue. The number one biggest turn on I believe with women, is acting like you can take it or leave it. Ever noticed how badboys, film characters always have a cocky, sure smile. Like they’re thinking «cute girl, I’ll take her… If I feel like it». Acting like this is extremely attractive to women. Chasing the girl around, begging for her number, adjusting your entire life just to get closer to her… It all fails miserably. If you act anything like this, please stop!

Lack Of Finesse and Womanese

A really interesting instinct inside of women is being able to tell if you «get it» it or not. There are certain very subtle ways of talking, walking and communicating with women, that only a guy who’s comfortable around women possesses. You’ll notice that  a lot of the world’s casanovas either have a lot of female friends, or were brought up in a family with lots of women, or plenty of sisters. This is the reason why they speak «womanese», and are able to and communicate with women in a cool, smooth way that women prefer. If you want to acquire this, just get a bunch of female friends.

Perfectionism and fantasies of grandeur

Now I’m not here to tell you that you can not attract super hot women – you can. But the mistake a lot of guys make is thinking you have to go straight from lonely and woman-less all the way to dating the hotest model around – in one night! What’s wrong with this? It doesn’t work in practice. Generally, in real life, you have to get a bit of experience first.

Attracting a super-hot-woman tends to require a certain level of finesse, comfort and experience around women. And a common mistake guys do, is they walk around and refuse to talk to any woman that’s not a perfect 10. Do not be one of these guys. Remember, you never know who her friends are. Make it your goal to befriend and flirt with as many girls as you can. When you do this, what you’ll find is that the caliber of women you attract – increases. You will get even hotter female friends, and then they will introduce you or draw to you even hotter women. So no, its not a sin to «settle for» talking to less than a supermodel. Don’t be naive. You have to walk the stepping stones to get there.