10 Super Efficient Tips for Attracting Women


Hey dude! Yes, you, the guy reading this… I have a HUGE secret to uncover for you, read on… If you DARE!

The secret? You can attract a LOT more hot women than you currently do, and in fact, there’s are 10 explosive tips for attracting women.

Top 10 tips for attracting women

  1. Most women respond to a highly social, great conversationalist… especially the hottest women.
  2. The number one rule? Do NOT pursue women, and do NOT chase women. Contrary to popular belief… chasing women doesn’t work. Badboys are so succesful, PRECISELY because they care like they couldn’t care if they get a girl or not. They just take her for a wild, exciting ride, and let her chase them.
  3. I don’t care where in the world you live… ALL women respond to confidence and charisma. They can’t help it… Its a biological drive that just wells up in them and gets them strongly attracted to this charismatic guy.
  4. There is no such thing as a «charisma gene» or a «confidence» gene… Stop making excuses. Its a skill, a skill that anyone can develop. Just like you can train your muscles, you can train your social skills and charisma.
  5. Avoid being romantic too soon. If you have even a bit of common sense, you know better than to bring roses to a woman you just met (only super retarded geeks do that)… What you don’t know however… is that romance is for MUCH MUCH MUCH later. Let her earn it. If you show too much affection, kindness and tell her how much you were thinking of her, it just makes you look desperate. This is the point at which she cheats on you with the badboy. Leave romance for after you have known yourself for a year or even more.
  6. The best approach when you’re first meeting a woman is to just make a great conversation and get to know her. DO NOT hit on her! Ban yourself from hitting on women you just met!! Think long-term. Just go out, meet a lot of women, and make SOCIAL plans with them, NOT dates. Women love it when things progress naturally to something more. Rushing things makes you look desperate.
  7. Don’t buy into women’s advice «just be yourself, and things will work out». Women aren’t purposefully trying to sabotage you when they do this, its just that they have never lived in a man’s shoes. When they say this, they imagine a NATURALLY attractive guy. When you ask a woman what does she want a guy to do when he meets her, in her head, she’s NOT imagining an average guy!! She’s imaging what she’d want Brad Pitt to do. Women completely ignore 99% of the male gender. Ever notice how women complain how all men are assholes and there are no good guys left? The reason for this is that they COMPLETELY ignore 99% of the male population. They don’t even perceive them!
  8. Do you want to NEVER EVER get rejected by a woman for as long as you’re alive? Its simple! Just don’t hit on women… «Wait, so how do I meet women then!?» Simple, just befriend as many women as you can, be charismatic, cool, friendly and get to know them. Let them show you strong signs first before you make a move. Until then, just have them as friends you hang out with. Imagine the following: imagine walking into a club with 10 hot female friends. Can you imagine what happens to the other women in the club?
  9. Use your new-made hot female friends to make meeting other women easier! Quiz question… What’s easier: 1) Going into a bar alone and trying to walk up to random women or 2) Going into a bar with 10 female friends and having them introduce you to other female acquintances AND then walking up to other random women who’ve witnessed you all night surrounded by other hot women?
  10. Relax. Don’t take meeting women too seriously, and it will all come to you. The more you try to make it happen, the more desperate you will come off!