Advice for Male Beginners Dating Online

Online dating can be a challenge for anyone. Beginners may have a harder time, especially men. There are a few ways to help you in to this new form of dating and increase your odds of finding a mate. Here are a few helpful tips.


The profile is the single most important aspect of online dating. You can have the greatest personality in the world, but a bland profile doesn’t allow anyone to see this. Think of your profile as your dating resume. Don’t rush just to hurry up and get online. Read through some other profiles and sit down and formulate what aspects of your life you want to highlight. This will allow you to write a stellar profile that gets people’s attention.


A perfect profile will only get you so far. Without photos, most people will just pass by your profile. You don’t need to have model quality photos to get noticed, but a few good shots will be necessary. Keep the photos recent and candid. The cock shots can wait. Women don’t want to open their inbox and see your penis there, unless they’ve asked for it.

What to Avoid

Even if you have a six figure salary, the profile isn’t the place to talk about this. You can say you are stable, but don’t brag about the amount of money you make. Also avoid listing the qualities you are looking for. This can come across as snobbish, especially when in list form. It’s okay to talk about what you’re looking for, but be realistic.